Why Is Epic Games Launcher Saying "No Update Info Received"

This Has Been A Problem For Me For Ages, How Do I Fix This!

Hi Nocside,

Please check our Launcher Troubleshooting guide to see if any of information there helps:

If not, please find your dxdiag and logs requested in guide and attach them here. Thanks!

Here is my Dxdiag link text

Hi Nocside,

In your Dxdiag, graphics card listed is “Intel(R) HD Graphics”. Do you also have a on-board graphics card or just this integrated one?

Also, make sure to follow instructions in this section of troubleshooting guide to generate your Debug Logs. Then post them here.

Just Intergrated One

integrated card will need to support Directx 11. Make sure to verify that.

If it does support it, make sure to post Debug Logs I requested above.

link text

Hi Nocside,

I just noticed that you have 2 open reports about Launcher. Are you still receiving this error or are you just crashing like you described here.

now just this crash, please close this one then