Why is Epic Games Forum so complicated?

stupid forum so complicated idk how to use this thing , dum ass web design. sorry guys but this is un-acceptable…i seen kids make better web design then this thing we can have atleast some cool things about it other then seperate tons of other Epic Forums like wth seriously… this scuks

only forum i find is fortnite it took me decades of frustration to get here… totally un-acceptable

please epic guys do something its a small thing

think u for u cooperation



Well, without you giving any details what you think is “dum” and “scuks” about this forum it’s hard to guess what should be improved.

There’s some bugs in the forum but in general it’s fine. I wouldn’t go complaining about web design when you can’t even type properly. And if you had trouble finding the forum then you must not know how to use the internet, it’s the first result if you search Google and it’s in the drop down list if you go to