Why is Epic Game Launcher Maxing out my CPU Usage?

Recently I was playtesting and My system reported a CPU Temp warning. I run a water cooled i7 6800k which normally runs between 26 and 28 degrees C even under heavy load so I was very surprised. I check my system dashboard and my cpu usage was 96% which is again very unusual. When I looked at task manager it showed Epic Games launcher was using 70% of my CPU and it wasn’t actually doing anything.
I cant think of any reason why the launcher would need this kind of horsepower and in a system which didn’t have a cpu monitor this could have caused actual damage, I felt it was important to let epic know about this. Normally the launcher has been very well behaved on my system in the past and I found this to be a bit of a surprise.
Is there any know issue with the launcher and what should I watch for to prevent this from happening? If it is unknown what can I do to assist in isolating the issue?

I have noticed this on occasion as well. Normally if I restart it the issue goes away, but still it is odd.

Have an i7 8700, launcher installing an unreal engine version when not minimized uses 90% if the cpu, when I minimize it goes back to 6%

I can confirm this is still happening.

Even when you minimize the window, it’s still maxing out the CPU when downloading a new engine.
(tested on Windows 10)

Make sure you aren’t running EVGA Precision X. I had MAJOR issues with performance in the editor (around 9fps) and finally tracked it down to killing precision x in the task manager then restarting the editor.

I had the same problem before reinstalling windows 10 Gamer Edition the problem was with the UE4 downloading it was lagging but when i downloading fortnite it was fine but after reinstalling windows he takes a lot of cpu usage the problem not with my pc specs it’s with maby the GPU it’s driver isn’t installed or maby with windows update (the oprating system is just installed)it’s like have a bit coin miner on your pc just try installing windows update or updating the GPU

Currently in the middle of finishing my PC build and I don’t have my GPU installed because its being shipped, so I decided to download games so I can get right into them when my card gets here, my CPU maxes out at 100% overclocked to 5.1Ghz (I have a 8600k) so it is possible the launcher uses GPU power and CPU not so much it may cause optimization problems. As for people with the GPU already installed i’m not quite sure.

I am seeing this as well. Minimized it’s fine but when open it uses 100% CPU.

Interestingly I get the same behavior in the Beta Launcher and the original one…

I am having the same issues on a i7700k overclocked (5.0ghz) cpu and even thought it’s a monster of cpu I get 70% og cpu usage as soon as I open the launcher lol.

I think your best bet is to alt tab and minimize the launcher once in game, when I had this problem I did nothing and it magically went away after a bit. I’m not sure what caused it but minimizing for me made sure my CPU wasn’t maxed out.

I have the same issue on my macbook. Showing between 200 and 300%(adding up percentages per core). I got it to drop when I paused my game download. They must be using massive compression is the only thing I can think of.