Why is cinematic mode so choppy?

Hello, I have created a scene using matinee,

In order to get rid of certain issues I have set up a cinematic node in my level blueprint, which indeed solved those issues, However, now my cinematic is very choppy and doesn’t make for a usable video, despite rigging it up in a couple of ways. (Screenshots Below)

I have a solid rig too, I don’t think its hardware at least,

CPU: i7 5820K @ 3.3Ghz (Hasnt been overclocked)

Mobo: X99 Nvidia

RAM: 32gigs DDR4 only 16 usable though cause I’m on windows 7 Home premium

GPU: 2 x MSI R9 280x’s Crossfired

OS: As stated above W7 Home premium on a Samsung SSD 500gigs

CPU never goes above 22% usage or 32C, Ram never goes above 25% usage. I took my video cards out and tried a much weaker card but it behaved the same both in cinematic mode and without cinematic mode.

I would super appreciate any feedback! And thanks for taking your time reading this!



I’ve had terrible luck with my R280 video cards. So bad that I ditched (I was an AMD dude for years) and got nVidia 970 card. I kept having driver crash issues, slow speeds, etc. I even tried the latest driver at the time…

Maybe its better, I would try to update the driver if possible… Sorry, not much help, just giving you what I went through.

Good luck!