Why is Cast to SaveGame blueprint backwards

It seem kinda difficult to Cast To BP_MySaveGame

From most classes I can cast to just about any blueprint using
Get All Actors of Class > Get > Cast to …

This doesn’t work with the SaveGame class type, which can’t be found.

Instead what I do (at the moment) is drag the MySaveGame object var onto the graph and choose Set
Then I drag backwards from the blue input and choose Cast To SaveGame, and from the blue output of that, I can drag out and choose Cast To MySaveGame_C … which is just about the only way I’ve figured out to cast to it.

In the Tappy Chicken project they just Cast to BP_TappyChickenSaveGame in a direct kind of way (not to SaveGame first, unless the smoked a node).

Is there an easier way?

place a “createSaveGameObject” node, drag off its return value, then type “cast” in the search box and your custom saveGame subclass should show up on the list.