Why is BluePrint not Saving properly?

Hello again, I Posted this question as a answer on a subject about corrupted blueprint i previously made, but the problem is quite different so i’m reposting it as a new topic. So Here is the new files, that i completly remade from scratch.

This time, no crash, but all the links to the variable “CurrentWeapon” (declared inside MyCharacter) dont save. New variables and Nodes Saves, the Nodes holding references to CurrentWeapon Saves. But not their links. As you can see in the files i share, after linking back all the CurrentWeapon reference, everything compile and works in-game. You can leave and enter GameMode as much as you want, everything seems fine but restarting the Engine delete the links.

Deleting and Remaking the Variable “CurrentWeapon” doesn’t work. Any Hints on what should i remake to solve the problem? this kind of problems impairs a lot the advancment of the devloppment, any help would be greatly appreciated.

[link text][1]
[1]: 2695-newresistanceproject.zip (212 KB)

Okay, here is some news, I managed to Resolve the problem by using a little trick.

so, CurrentWeapon was initially a Variable of type "Object from class “ResistanceWeapon” holding the reference towards the weapon my player currently uses. Now i turned it into "Object from class “Actor”, and i TypeCast the variable to ResisanceWeapon everytime i use it.

-The ContextSensitive allowed the setup used in the older blueprints, and it did compile. (It just did not save)
-Some of my functions requested to link both “Cast Failed”, and the normal Output to work in the new blueprints. (Even when Cast fails, Function inside the WeaponResistance class still get called and do their jobs)
-The problem also appeared in another variable holding reference to a object in a different custom class.

I don’t think this is expected behaviour, plz let me know if Object References are meant to be created and used this way, or if this is a bug (In wich case will it be soon fixed?^^).

Thanks to anyone who’ll have the obligence to answer to this post, and EpicGame who made quit a good Engine,
bug set aside :smiley:

I have the same problem where using class’BP_*’ will compile, but on next startup it corrupts the blueprints that somehow reference this type of value. I pass it from one class to another to spawn an actor in my character (with the class info coming from an inventory array.

I’m having exactly the same problem and it’s causing my editor to crash at startup every time I make it :\ I have to delete the blueprints through windows explorer just to start it back up. Hope casting fixes it because it’s starting to suck having to make it over and over :\ Also hope the folks at Epic fix it sometime soon :slight_smile:

Similar issue, it all works fine as long as I compile by clicking the button manually. Reloading the project, breaks link and generates errors.

I had the same problem 3 days ago and I solved it using the Casting method even thought it seems not the perfect solution but I do the job, I also checked the tappy chicken example, they used the same method to communicate with BP_mainGame as they’ve created a GameManager of type Actor and cast it to BP_mainGame instead of making it a BP_mainGame type !, seems weird but it works :slight_smile:

Just ran into this same issue in 5.1.
The solution that worked for me was duplicating the blueprints that would not save and delete the originals.