Why is answerhub dead?

Why nobody ever responds to questions? What happened to Epic officials responding to users? Why is not anserhub questions appear in google searches?

I think you’ll find it’s to do with how you phrase your question.

People need all the facts laid out with some pictures. If you just put a small paragraph of text, probability of getting an answer is approximately nil.

I see answer hub in google all the time.

I get asked for the two factor authentication rarely. Once, maybe twice a month and I’m here almost every day with an odd streak where I’m not for a month… It did ask me to authenticate twice in one day at some point.

At least spam is down.

I used to use this site everyday. I personally stopped doing so because they force you to use two factor authentication. Every time I try to login they send a code to my old email address that got bought out by aol,. So I have to use aols crappy spyware infected website to log into my email address,. Which also has two factor authentication,. Then get the code to sign in. The whole process that should take 3 seconds takes like 5 minutes. Sure I could change my email account,. But I shouldn’t have to,. It’s all too annoying,. Ive suggested to them several times about making two factor optional, or Making answerhubseperate account from epic games, But nobody seemed to care but me. I shouldn’t have to leap through hoops and bounds to help people…

my antimalware tools wipe everything including cookies from my computer, and i have too much sensitive info from employers to screw around with it. My only option was to start using an old raspberry pi i had lying around specifically for answerhub… they should really make a way to have it text your phone or just ask a question rather than forcing you to do the email verification, and im prettysure it didnt start until fortnite came out, and it had to be done because the answerhub is licked to your epic games account… i think it would have made a lot more sense to just have answerhub and the forums a seperate account but… whatever

My only option was to start using an
old raspberry pi i had lying around
specifically for answerhub…

Ha, that made my day. Hopefully all that dedication pays off, one way or another. Hats off to you, kind stranger.