Why is 4.25 crashing when opening a project that worked in 4.24.3?

Unreal 4.25 crashes at 95% of loading a project that worked fine in 4.24.3. The log says it’s because of some stereo layers that are very important in my project. Anyone else having this problem?

Hey. In my opinion, if you could stick with 4.24.3 I would. 4.25 may have bugs as it was recently released and maybe upgrade to it later.

Still crashing the same way in 4.25.1…

Solved! I had two blueprints in my game, both of which were using Stereo Layers. Crucial for my VR game. I removed them from my persistent level using 4.24.3 and then the project opened normally in 4.25.1 (after the making of the copy). I haven’t tried adding the Blueprints with the Stereo Layers back in the game, but I hope it will work. More news as it breaks!