Why is 1 player spawning as expected and the other spawning in the sky?

Similar to: Player spawner is active but still spawning in the sky or underground at game start - #10 by yocto55 but I have a 2 players total, 2 players per team, same-team free for all mode map with 2 spawners for “Island Start” and 2 more Player Spawners with Priority 1, “Island Start” UN-checked.

What’s happening is immediately on game start (hold enter to start) 1 player spawns as expected on a spawn pad, and the other player spawns in the sky. Sometimes it’s player A, sometimes player B.

What’s the correct way to set up spawn pads to allow 2 players to spawn on pads at game start? There are no barriers or anything covering the spawn pads. I dunno what’s going on. I just want them to spawn on the dang spawn pads.

As a test, I created an empty island and added two “Use as Island Start” Player Spawners. Sometimes after a player is eliminated, they randomly spawn way far away from the spawners. I don’t understnad why. I have the island settings the same as my other project. (Spawn at spawn pads, not “only if available” etc.)

You need to have a player spawner that’s available for Team 2. From what I can see in this photo, the two light blue spawners are Team 1 spawners only. The second player is on a different team which is causing the second player to spawn in the air. Also, when you create a new island in UEFN, there may already be a spawn pad on the island. I would recommend checking the outliner for any extra spawn pads.

Thanks a bunch! I removed all player spawners and added 2 new ones with “Player Team: Any” and it now works as expected.


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