Why in the world am I getting an error here?

When I play, I get that TPC REF is accessed to none and I have zero idea why.

It’s no good that TPC REF is the right kind of variable, it has to actually be pointing at a real ‘TPC’ in the world.

am pretty noob, could you explain it further?

TPC REF is a reference to a TPC. So presumably, you have a TPC somewhere, an actual one. You have to assign the TPC to the TPC REF.

Let’s say I write a bit of code in the level blueprint to move an actor up 100 units. I make a variable ‘actor ref’, and add 100 units to it’s Z location. It won’t work.

I have to say which actor I’m talking about.

Whatever a TPC is, there might 173 of them in the game. Which one are you talking about?

I want to set the high score from BP Third Person Character. When I use cast to, I still get an error. never experienced this before.

Where is the high score variable? What are you casting to?

I cast to BP third person character and I have a variable ‘high score’ integer inside it.


It just says high score inside bp TPC doesn’t exist when it does. whyyyy

these are the error codes. It says K2node_daynamiccast_asBP TPC accessed to none. and when I hover over high score, it says none. But high score exsits in my BP TPC??

Then you either don’t have a variable in there, or you haven’t compiled it.

both done but still. It’s driving me crazy

You need to click on the LAST link in the error message, on the right

that will take you to the code that’s causing the error.

It takes me to this screen when I click the last one

Right. That ‘thing’ that you’re casting to the TPC, is not assigned to anything

why not just put the code I showed you there?..

Does it work?

I know now that THIS one thing is the problem, but still don’t know why.

I followed this tutorial (watch from 4minute) exactly but still getting error.

I would say this bit


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Notice in the previous vid ( which he tell you to watch ), he sets up the character ref, here

Like I said :wink: