Why in the movie the edges are flashing or it looks like they are moving?

Hi I’m Domenico and this is my first work with UE4,
link a video that I produced with matinee in Unreal engine 4.11.2
I ask the experts, because in the movie some of the windows borders or the floor or the kitchen or another are flashing or it looks like they are moving?
Sorry for my english

It looks like you don’t have any anti-aliasing turned on

Yup, you need some AA, I’d suggest using TXAA and super sampling if you are using matinee to make a video.

Temporal AA (the only good aa right now) and screen percentage 200 (super sampling) gives very good results in my case. It’s hungry tho!

Thanks for reply, now try

Ok with Temporal AA and screen percentage 200 resolved

temporalAA alone should solve it, screen percentage 200 is a luxury. But if you can afford it performance-wise, that is nice!