WHy imported FBX is multiple meshes instead of one

We have a model that when imported it result in a lot of separate files/meshes, each one being a part of the original model… and also the animations only take a part of it… well it is weird. We have other models, but we where testing with maya and we get this strange result. (And yeah, I mean multiple meshes, we know that animations use a separate file on UE4, but we havent seen this behaviour for meshes).

Have you ever encounter this type of behaviour?

It’s most likely that the model is made up of separate objects. Try combining them all into one object.

mmm, ok, at the end, we want this character to explode in parts, each part as defined I guess on this separate objects, will still be possible?

That all depends on what you mean by explode. Do you mean explode the whole character and it essentially dies? In which case you’d probably want to destroy the character actor and respawn the parts and apply a force. If only a part of the character is destroyed it’s a bit more involved and the most straight forward method is simply to replace the skeleton mesh with the part destroyed skeletal mesh variant.

Yes, I want that when it dies, align all the new with physics parts (like 20 or more, it is a little robot) and make it fall or apply a explosion for the parts to roll out :).

If you have any info on this, or the functions I should call (Im doing it with C++), I will be glad to ear even the names for that.