Why identical projects have issues on one computer but not another?

Hello, I have a project that is now not working correctly on one machine but dose work on another machine.
the only difference i can think of is i had started using sequencer the past few days on my desktop( where the issue is)

The issues include

  1. Crash on opening WidgetBp.
  2. WidgetBp compile issues.
  3. Crash on loading a map.
  4. very long start time to opening project on desktop

Things i have tried

  1. Recompile affected Widgetbps ( issue always returns once i close and reopen project)
  2. Reinstalled Ue4 V 4.12.5 (issue persist)
  3. tried moving the working version from laptop to desktop ( issue occurs with moved project)
  4. removed the saved,Intermediate folders and let them be re made.( issue returns plus it stats it cannot create an asset related to the stater content (occurs on both machines but laptop project still works))
  5. checked that starter content is installed in the engine.( asset creating issue still persist but laptop project still works)

The project is to large to be uploaded and would take to long to try it out with a blank project that i then migrate the stuff to. It works perfect on my laptop and not on my desktop so its possible the issue is external to the project on my desktop but not sure where to look.

Below is a link to Two crash types i get and an image showing some of the Issues im having Any help is appreciated im hoping its just a small thing i need to change to get the desktop back working.

link to crash info

link to image of issues

Found an entry made by Sequncer in this file at the bottom in my case



removing this code block from the end of this file allowed a test project and the main project to fire up without any apparent issues.