why i need to click 2 time before open my widget


Do this instead, create the widget once then store it in a variable:

flipflop node is better. You don’t need your Is Map Open variable (unless you are referencing it elsewhere).


my problem is when i want to open my widget, i need to click 2 time before it open and i dont know why.

thank you!

i also want to tell u that when i click ton this button the widget is create even if my widget is already open so i can spam and every time i click the widget will be create. i dont want that.

did it will work if i have already the variable, so i can just plug this into the node add and remove?

and how do i make the event begin play? did i make it in the BP of my character?

i try to make it, but it Doesn’t work, did i really need to make the begin play? or no because i already have my variable of my widget (map system).