Why I like PlayStation above all

Literally every time I picked up a game on the Xbox you hear a kid say a N and multiple racial slurs. Literally, everytime 3-5 times I went online a kid dies and a furry of racial slurs. Also to me Xbox360 used to be the brain-dead nothing but FPS shooters. Although, the amount of RPGs was small on the PS4 I believe the PS5 will return with a ton of them. Also growing up I never felt the need of spending 1000-2000 dollars on a PC the difference wasn’t so big and sony had big time exclusives.

And that’s practically it. Now before you you say no way when G4 was a huge thing Adam sessler spoke out against it. I twas simply a horrible online experience.

PC I don’t of course League has a bad reputation.And basically only thing I play I like my psn trophies lol.

Last Gen I was highly shocked with pay to win characters and most games with characters packs costing around 200-300 dollars.:mad:

Starting with the PS3, the games (and particularly the controllers) were hit & miss. Split-screen / couch play was still a thing then and PS3 games tended to lack that vs 360… So that put me off buying a PS4 tbh! But not as much as all the Microsoft BS at Xbox1 launch. Thankfully, they were forced to roll that back for no other reason than a strong pro-consumer stance by Sony. Soon after, PC users started getting mugged by Windows-10 upgrade malware though… After that, I vowed never to send more coin to Microsoft… :mad: But the problem was, I just didn’t feel anything for PS4 games… And I really wanted too including getting a PSVR;).

In the end, I just bought two reconditioned Xbox-360’s so I can keep a decent 360 collection going. But if Microsoft had offered true backwards compatibility and let users pop in any 360 disc, that would have been a game changer. But no, when it came to which 360 games would be available for Xbox1, they dropped things I really cared for including great Microsoft published titles (nod to PGR 3 / 4).

Regarding your thread on new consoles… Personally I won’t buy a console again… They’re better value than buying a PC… But its all the other bloat they tag on outside of gaming that makes them less of a compelling buy. Plus as you hinted, the whole post-game-sale monetization model has killed gaming UX! But there’s a larger problem here. As a game dev, you tend to lose interest in playing games once you understand how all the magic works. Suddenly the smoke & mirrors or tricks of 3rd-Party games don’t seem quite as exciting anymore…:wink:

Yeah, consoles severely screwed us over this year. I can’t believe they sold us two consoles in one Gen, wtf was that. Luckily, I love story driven games so I’m excited to get involved in stories which Sony typically provide.

For me, once they started putting all Xbox games on PC there was no reason to own an Xbox - all of the new games announced for the Xbox Series X will be on PC, while for Playstation 5/4 there’s plenty of exclusive games you can’t get anywhere else. I’d also have to say that the Playstation exclusives have been better than the Xbox exclusives, which are mainly just Halo, Forza, and Gears of War.

Not to say I hate Xbox or anything, I think they’re actually doing something good in trying to have their games in every place that people want to play games, but they’ve made a great reason not to get their console. I also think Xbox Game Pass is a pretty great value, and their cloud gaming service will be pretty good as well. I also like how open they are to cross-platform games and they try to have as much backwards compatibility as they can.

I can’t wait to play Metal Gear solid series again I really don’t need a remake. Cloud gaming will replace the billions of dollar blockbuster/video stores use to revenue. To me the biggest issue with that theirs always going to be google and it’ll be easier to download and bootleg the game. Now I’m not sure how cloud gaming works, if theirs latency hardcore gamers isn’t going to like that. I think if so It’ll obtain revenue from a ton of people that can’t afford 60 on a video game all the time.

I luckily purchased my first PS3 for 100 dollars their kids wanted a Wii and they said the hard drive was broken they verified the issue butttt you know it was craigslist and a huge stretch.But it worked!!! With that being said before that I travel to a gaming club and played gears of war with my brother on Co-op. It was fun, I think that was the only one I played besides my friend and the first halo. Gears was a fun Co-Op.

I don’t think cloud gaming will replace anything for a while, right now it can work as a supplementary option, which is why I think it’s going to be better for Xbox than it will for Stadia–With Xbox you can still download and play any of those games, so you aren’t limited just to playing a game over streaming. Besides that, they have a full system of integration, so you can play your game installed on the console or PC and then if you’re traveling you can pick up from where you were playing in the game using the cloud service.
For now, it’s a really nice extra feature that allows you to have more flexibility to be able to play your games, but with Stadia that’s all they offer and I don’t think many people want to buy games that way.

I think that the difference between ps and box is in communities.

XBOX is popular in America region and PS in Europe/CIS.
If to talk about games with multiplayer - that`s depend.

About single-player games - I see no difference, if you are a single player you can think about both consoles.
But I dont know at least one player who bought console and didnt go for a multiplayer, no matter when but youll go for it and you will feel that online pit`.

The order to me was a amazing exclusive the story was so good. I don’t know why they had a low reception. Wow, that story was good. We only had a few exclusives. Uncharted 4 was good also.

I remember when I played DC Universe Online a few years ago on Xbox One. It was a great MMORPG game developed on Unreal Engine 3 but chat was full of anger and explain, it happens because that game on both consoles version don’t have permission to ban gamers and the only way to report user is find his Sony or Microsoft account. Once Sony or Microsoft administrators ban this user his account will be blocked for PS Network or Xbox Live Gold. It work but nobody do that because they’re busy with game or just most users ignore chat window at all.

I need to make an system for my game also to be able to do so.