Why i cant upload my mod?

Finaly i managed to do what i wanted and now i want to upload my mod to workshop as hidden but i cant… upload button is greyed and i dont even know if i cooked my mod correctly. and what is test mod output directory?

you did fill all info’s ? title, description ect…

yes ofcourse

You have added an image as well? Leave test output dir blank, i dont think it works yet, at least, I cant seem to get it to work right.

mod output: …\Program Files\Epic Games\ARKDevKit\ModTools\Output
All your stuff should be in there, now, if the “upload” is grayed out, it didn’t cook properly. It should tell you the errors/warnings and why its not cooking properly. The fact it completes, it will tell you “Job Done!” but, done doesnt mean it was a success lol.

Also quotation marks (") and some other special characters aren’t allowed in the Description/text fields of the upload dialog :stuck_out_tongue:

I have written in my description only:
Please wait for Description
Because every text who´s longer than a few words, aborts the upload (and I had never any special characters)…

Be sure, the preview image is smaller than 1mb, because “Steam” don´t allows more…
I forgot this little detail so many times^^

Thank you all! problem was in cooking. i had to rename my map to right one. it was for some reason wrong

Good to hear you got it resolved. Just so if anyone else has this issue in the future, you will not be able to upload if you do not have an image selected or if there is nothing in the description.