Why i can't package this project? How can I fix it?

The problem is that those files are from an official free package (so of Epic Games). no sense

i don’t find those, but i don’t think that this is the problem

This is the logs:
Output Log one
, that of the editor
, Uat one

I’m going mad and I don’t know how to resolve this issue. Help me pls

It Isn’t the same output log i had but Maybe it is a blank array entry in your Project Settings > Packaging > Directories Never To cook Project Settings > Packaging > Additional non-asset Directories To Package


If you search for “error” in your Output log it says your filename is too long. I have had this in the past aswell. try shortening your filenames for a test en see if it packages then.

The file name I mean are the project folder name and the project name.

Good luck!