Why i cant package my game?



		i need help. Why i cant package my game? In the logs it says somewhere that it cant find a file, but it doesnt tell which file. This happens everytime when i package my game. And it has something to do with shader compiler i think. How can i fix this? It doesnt say which file this is... Please help

		[2018.11.13-04.01.16:500][908]PackagingResults: Warning: CreateProc failed: Не удается найти указанный файл. (0x00000002)

		in this line it says that it cant find a file (in russian)

		This is my log file: (i cannot upload this here because its bigger than 5 mb)

it could be cause of your project folder name

be sure to not have space " ; - : etc… in it, that makes ue4 get confused and give an error or say package successful with out it being successful

and name the folder in english that might also be a problem

good luck :slight_smile:

Also make sure the packaging folder (where you are exporting it to) doesn’t contain numbers or special characters- this can fail the export as well.

If you keep having problems just send another log and we can help more :slight_smile: