Why I cant move my car

link textI follow this tutorial Vehicles: Overview & Car Setup | 01 | v4.2 Tutorial Series | Unreal Engine - YouTube when I do it in sample car it works just fine but when I do it in car attached it dosent work , so I dont think issue in my code

any one can help thanks

In the future, I recommend giving details as to what is wrong. Just saying “It doesn’t work” does not inspire anyone to help out much since it could be any 1 of a hundred issues.

My first guess though would be something with your car’s orientation. The vehicle system is super picky. If you are in Maya be sure to be working in Z-Up and to zero out all your bones in Z-Up as well. Importing your fbx into a Z-Up maya scene shows me your bones all in Y-Up so makes me think that could be one of your issues but without more info there is no way to know.

Be sure to follow the vehicle art setup guide from Epic very closely:

after long research I figure why this happen , and your answer is right thanks for advice to better my question and answer