Why I can't I directly bind a function to a button's OnClicked event?

I have a function that generates an unknown number of buttons at runtime, and I’m trying to initialize each button by binding it’s OnClicked event to the DisplayInformation function I want to run every time that button is clicked:

Obviously my function node isn’t compatible with the event node, so I tried creating a custom ButtonClicked event, running my function from there, and binding my ButtonClicked event to the actual OnClicked event. Creating Dispatcher Events | Unreal Engine Documentation makes it look like I can do this by selecting the “Add custom event for Dispatcher” option, but as my screenshot shows I don’t have that option available when I open the context menu.

So am I doing something obviously wrong? I really don’t understand the chain of event to dispatcher to function that I’m supposed to be following.


You should be able to select Create Event, pass self to the new event and select the function from there.

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That did it perfectly, thank you :slight_smile:

For some reason I was thinking that Create Event created a new delegate or dispatcher, instead of accessing an existing one, hence my problem ^^