Why HUD is odd on iphone 4S after 4.9 version?

Your problem might be related to my bug report.

I migrated my project to eu 4.9 and then to 4.10, but now the HUD is really odd on iphone 4S and it wasn’t happening on eu 4.8.
Here are the screenshots of the same HUD from ipad 2,android (Motorola XT 910) and iphone.alt text

Yep! This may be related…despite I’m not using UMG…

What are you using? The problem might be related but you should still consider a bug report if the coding is right. This could be a separate issue as well.

I’m using only blueprint… you can download the project in one of the following links:



Media Fire:

[2]: http://www.mediafire.com/download/p72jdq2rmpzz4lm/MirtiloFree.rar
[3]: http://www.mediafire.com/download/p72jdq2rmpzz4lm/MirtiloFree.rar

Sorry as I don’t have much available time to sort through an entire project. If you could post the blueprint section directly related to your menu I can take a look and maybe find what’s going on.

Well… I used a function called Draw Button (based on HUD Example’s ContentExamples project) where I use the commands “Draw Texture”, “Draw Texture Simple” and “Draw Text” to draw the HUD…

Please try and reproduce this issue in a clean project in 4.10 or 4.10.1 on a smaller scale. Also provide a detailed set of steps on how to reproduce this because the HUD BP that’s in your project is large and a bit confusing.

We’d also like to know why you’re multiplying size X percent by 70?

Looking forward to hearing back from you, thanks!

Hey ! Thanks for answering!
Sorry for the backwardness, but I was downloading the latest version of Unreal to see if the problem is resolved ( not yet )…
I’m multiplying x percentage by 70 to position the button at 70 percent of the screen (it was based on Swing Ninja HUD)
I’m making an simpler project to see if the problem persists on iphone 4…

Here is a sample HUD (only the first screen) it’s like the core of the HUD:



Here is a similar AnswerHub post that seems to be related to the issue that you’re having: [[BUG] DPI scaling on iPhone 4S seems to be incorrect - UI - Epic Developer Community Forums][1]


[BUG] DPI scaling on iPhone 4S seems to be incorrect - UI - Epic Developer Community Forums

So it mens that the problem was not solved, but was passed to the version 4.10…

The information provided in that post is what the developers have given as a solution. They closed the original report out as not being a bug and provided that information.

Thank you.

, could you please explain how to solve it? I didn’t understand that post… :cry:

The IPhone4S, by default, will run with a ContentScaleFactor of 1.0, which means that it is running at non-retina, or 320x480, NOT 640x960.

Your DPI scale curve doesn't go down to 320. Try adjusting your curve, and it should work.

Or, try Windows at 320x480 :) Or set your DeviceProfiles to set r.ContentScaleFactor to 2 for the base IOS device to run at retina resolution (but then frame rate will be an issue).

What our developer is trying to say is that you need to go into Device Profiles and set r.ContentScaleFactor to 2 for the base IOS device to run at retina resolution.

You may find that you need to play around with the ScaleFactor numbers for your specific device.

Thank you very much!!! You are the best!!!
I have created DefaultDeviceProfiles.ini file on Config folder and then, I added the following settings:

[iPhone4 DeviceProfile]

[iPhone4S DeviceProfile]

And it is working now!!! \o/