Why Hit Box (in Mobile Preview) is not working in UE 4.9?

I have tried to migrate my mobile game from UE 4.8 to UE 4.9, but Hit Box is not working… and in fact it is not working anywhere.

I have followed the steps (to prove that the problem is not my project):

  1. Download of “Content Examples” to UE 4.9;
  2. Create a new Project;
  3. Open Level Blueprint HUD;
  4. Active Play Mode → Mobile Preview (PIE);
  5. Press M to open HUD;
  6. Try to Press anything on HUD (Resume or QUIT nothing has a response).

Am I doing anything wrong?

Hello ,

After looking into your issue I was able to discover why your button is not working when you are in mobile preview. You will need to disconnect the “Event HitBoxBeginCursorOver” in order to have your buttons function with this setup (assuming you are using the same one that is in the example content that you referenced). Touch and click do not react the same way. This means when your project goes to simulate touch the “Event HitBoxClick” will fire off first. Then the"Event HitBoxBeginCursorOver" fires off. This means that after every click the “Button State” integer is being set to 1. In conclusion when the “Event HitBoxReleased” fires off last and checks the “Button State” it will never equal 2 and so the branch will always be false. I hope that this information helps.

Make it a great day