Why has my FPS dropped after converting from v.4.1 to v.4.2?


I convert my project from 4.1 to 4.2 but I have not so loooow FPS and I dont know why. Befor on 4.1 I’ve got great FPS. I use alienware laptop and I dont have any problems with low FPS in UE4.

Can you help me with this problem please? I try also to but details for project to low details but nothing happens. Just maby +4 fps

I also try sample projects but it is same on 4.2 is low fps what ever I try. Maby I make something wrong.

Thank you for all who will help me

Would you mind elaborating a bit more?

Could you attach output of “dxdiag”?

What framerate are you seeing 4.1 and what are you seeing with 4.2?

Do you have them installed side by side for easy comparison?

Is framerate lower just in Editor or also standalone game?

Which samples are you looking at?

We certainly don’t want to see you have a performance regression and I hope we can track this down together :slight_smile:

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for reply.
I don’t know what happens but it starts work normal again :slight_smile:
But before my FPS was 20 - 40 and after upgrade was 4 - 10
FPS was low in editor and also in stand alone game. But I try also some other app if problem was not in PC but other games working just fine
I was looking at car game template and also this realistic room.
But now I have again no problem. FPS is back to normal.
In attachment you can find my dxdiag.
Ilink text


It start lag again. I use graphic card GeForce GT 650M driver version 307.17
Do you think this lag in Unreal editor can be done by drivers?

I update driver but still lagging. :frowning:
I also check if some program is not running in background but I don’t find anything. CPU and memory are running on 12%

Hey Kenny,

Is this still occurring for you? Does this FPS drop occur in every project or only in particular projects, and if it only happens in some, which ones? Does it run normally in Unlit mode? Could you attach your logs for us? Thanks!

Hey KennyKudla,

We haven’t heard back from you in about a week, so I am marking this post as resolved for tracking purposes. Please let us know if issue is still occurring, and give us as many of details we requested above as you are able. Thanks!