Why gravity doesn't work on physicsassets while playing?

Hey guys,I created physics assets for my character,and it works well when I place an animation instance in the scene and hit simulate or playinviewport.
However,the weird thing is, when I place the character into the characterBP and play or simulate,it’s like no gravity is applied to the physics asset.
I take a screenshot and marked the difference between characterBP and animation instance while playing,the necklace part has physics as you can see the characterBp’s necklace is flying without gravity…

Hope anyone can help me about this,thanks a lot :smiley:

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After I did kinds of tests I found the reason is 4.9 has a physics asset bug caused this problem.
4.8.3 works quite well.It looks like 4.9 is a little buggy right now.
Hope epic fix this.