Why get timeline length return 5 instead of 1.5?


in video tutorial - YouTube they made blueprint construction script, so mine seems to be the same, but watching value “Discharge Time” when debugging new instance of battery in pick up blueprint says “Discharge Time” is 5, while their is 1.5

I tryed reduce made timeline even to 1.0, but blueprint still get 5.0, any ideas why? I sure it returns 5.0 because of “print string” node right before timeline length is returned.

There’s also screenshot of my blueprint Oops!

Have you checked the “use last key frame” checkbox in the timeline editor? That will set the timeline length to the position of the last key frame in your curve.

ty, found, this checkbox was in variable edit rather then just curve edit -_-

The reason for this is that you can have multiple external curves in the same timeline, which can each have a different final keyframe position