Why "Get HUD" not shown in Game category?


I have a question or maybe suggestion about Get HUD function.

If you call context menu in BP, for example level BP, you can find there Get functions for all main game objects like “Get Game Mode”, “Get Player Character”, etc…


But there is no “Get HUD”.

I think game HUD object is also very important and should be easy to get.

Is it possible to add Get HUD to this (Game) category?


I highly doubt that and here’s why: It would be misleading. All you could get is the HUD class because the HUD itself is created for each player. You can get it if you have a controller but it’s not something you can get directly. So either you’d just pack the “Get Controller” on top of the “Get HUD” class and simply have one doing both steps at once, just do both steps (get controller and get hud which is in general more accurate because you rarely really want to work with “Get Controller”. You want to get that one as owner of a pawn or through some other reference) or as I said it’d only return the class which in general isn’t too helpful.

That’s why there isn’t one in the general game category :wink: