Why FDynamicMeshBuilder not shaded?


I create UE4 Editor plugin. And I need to draw dynamic shape

I do it in my FEdMode::Render. Something like this:

void FmyEdMode::Render(const FSceneView* View, FViewport* Viewport, FPrimitiveDrawInterface* PDI)


FEdMode::Render(View, Viewport, PDI);


 FDynamicMeshBuilder MeshBuilder(ERHIFeatureLevel::ES3_1);

if ( AddTrianglesToMesh( MeshBuilder ) )


static UMaterial* mater = (UMaterial*)StaticLoadObject(UMaterial::StaticClass(), NULL, TEXT("/Engine/BasicShapes/BasicShapeMaterial"), NULL, LOAD_None, NULL);

      MeshBuilder.Draw(PDI, FMatrix::Identity, mater->GetRenderProxy(**false**), SDPG_World, **true**, **false**);



And my mesh drawing in one color, without any shading.
Is it possible to shading FDynamicMeshBuilder? If not - how I can drawing my own dynamic mesh?

Thank you