Why Epic Games do not make physical water in Unreal Engine?

To date, there are two of the most sophisticated game engines: CryEngine and Unreal Engine. In addition to all the pros and cons, CryEngine has a huge advantage: water. Yes, you say that in UE4 you can also make water and even have a lesson about this on the official channel, but in CryEngine there is a special tool for creating the ocean, the river and the lake, besides all the water reacts to physical bodies with extremely realistic mammas and splashes. And I added: why should not Epic Games make similar tools in his engine?
Then there was no need to use CryEngine! Complete victory over the competitor!
After all, in UE4 would not only be convenient and flexible, but it would support water “out of the box.” You will say that CryEngine is specially made for games in which there is water, and the UE4 is more diverse, but they once added a fog to the UE, and it is also not necessary in all games.
On the Marketplace there are Assets for this, but they do not support all of these functions, in addition they are not fully optimized. And Epic Games know how to make this function better than anyone else. So, why do not they add it to the engine I think everyone would be just for)

And what do you think?

If that, do not swear at punctuation: it was translated by Google translator from Russian.

Free ocean plugin here: [Community Project] WIP Weather & Ocean Water Shader - Unreal Engine Forums

and there will be another FREE in few weeks:

you can make water in UE4 that rivals CryEngine, as nilson posted, the community ocean is constantly updated with new stuff and is very customisable. unfa once developed the VaOcean plugin using FFT that nilson has been updating and hes also creating one of his own.
nvidia waveworks is also pretty nice to play with.

ryan brucks made this 2 years ago for funsies

If we find out what Ryan’s favourite Pez is and make a gofundme to buy 100 of said Pez, he might tell us more about that water.

Its a good implementation for Gerstner waves… the splash effect is a particle system moving with the wave crest, if Im not wrong it goes with a mesh, so the particle is attached to the skeleton for that mesh. You control the height to raise the mesh according to the wave height at the point while be bottom is clipped inside the material.

I believe its simply distance fields, no particles, and he’s using a dithered mask when viewed at the side to feather the waves out, when they hit the rocks its using a distance field and lerping a panner of moving water on the rocks, it just has a lot of polish really, i dont think theres any raymarching or anything too crazy going on here