Why epic doesnt make better this comunity with free assets?

My question is simple, im asking that because i saw a post asking for make a site as recopilation of blueprints. so why in the store there are only paid assets and not the free stuff (of users) so there are lots of plugins, blueprints, and other stuff great, that are actually helping me a lot on my project but i really had to search them!! walking for more than 200 pages in total, so epic should make a page for all the blueprints or for the user plugins like (Popcornfx or kitatus blueprints), etc… and make easier to share our little work for help each other, im not telling us to work for free, you have the store for make money im just telling us we have a way to make this comunity better and i dont know exactly why epic let this work die. I want to hear your opinion

Sorry for my english

No reason someone could not offer their works to the marketplace for free but would have to go through the same process as a commercial asset would. Catch22

That’s a nice idea. I think the reason it doesn’t happen is that it would overwhelm the Marketplace people who would have to check each item, and then Epic would earn no money from it. I guess it would be far too expensive. :frowning:

Free packs are currently not allowed on the marketplace, unfortunately.

At the moment it’s more important to fill the marketplace with the paid content. And each item has to go through approval which would slow things down quite a bit if it included free stuff.

I always thought it’d be cool to have to completely different sections: maybe even a different name, that would be for cheap/free stuff that is “unofficial” and not checked.

Something like this would be very unreliable, what would there be to stop me from uploading someone else’s IP, and then what happens when an Indie developer uses it?

i’m trying to making something like that on my website, putting there only free & freeware stuff that will be very usefull for game development, but is hard to find free stuff here and over google, i’m trying to do my best, the site is very new, the url is this

if you have any good resource to put there just send me a private message with the url of the asset or tutorial and i will put there in the right section.

yeah man (enzoravo) the idea is to put all the free stuff somewhere because if we dont do that people will never check them again, in my case im tired to check old post to see them

Strange then that there is a couple of free packages.

Flip side sounds like an opportunity to set up a free share site offing free UE4 assets and make a few Google bucks.

Aren’t they all Epic packs, though?

Exactly, there seems to be so much free stuff out there, but I have no idea how to get what I want.

I think there are also some free assets from the community → e.g the ones in the community sample tab, the leap motion sample, radial impact, scifi bunk,… :slight_smile:


In UDK there were master threads with links to all the best info and free content… We could use that here as a sticky…

but no place to share them, you can do it in the forums but in a few weeks people will forget them and usually users only take a look on the first page of the forums as they think there are the important threads, its just my opinion because i manged some forums

When you like I could open a thread with useful links to free content + make it sticky :slight_smile:

Just saw your thread :smiley: