Why dont Material Function Instance parameters work? (4.21)

Material Function parameters not showing through in Material Function Instances, when used in a Material. I updated to 4.21 hoping this had been resolved, but unfortunately, not.

Does anyone have any info on this? Anyone having the same issue?

This appears to be working correctly for me. Is your material function being correctly connected to the final Material Output? If a node isn’t ultimately used, Unreal will intentionally not show that parameter. If you make sure the connections are correct and you still wont see the Function in the instance parameter, you could change parameters you want to edit in the function into "Function Input"s instead and adjust the value through the material parameter instead of a material function parameter.

I’m having a similar problem with material function instances. When I create one instance all the parameters work. When I create a second instance to use different texture parameters UE5 will not except them. They WILL NOT change from there defaults.