Why dont i have Animation toolkit

I downloaded Unreal engine months ago and im getting into learning animation side of it when i noticed i don’t have animation and rigging tool kit despite fact that i am using maya. was toolkit supposed to download with unreal or do i download it separately somewhere else.

if it was supposed to download with unreal it didn’t. with that being said where do i go to get toolkit id like to continue working on my game thanks in advance for all help i look forward to sharing my work with you.

Hey GM_Dre,

For 4.0, it should indeed be in that location. You also seem to be missing most of content of that folder, including all Binaries you would need to run engine in first place. I think two things are possible:

  1. You didn’t get a full download/install. If this is case, you probably can’t even run engine anyway. I would recommend redownloading launcher and reinstalling from there.
  2. You moved files elsewhere at some point, in which case you’d just need to locate wherever you have rest of engine.

Let us know if that doesn’t help.

i have most up to date version downloaded and installed and i still have no animation toolkit

What method are you using to get engine? Are you using Launcher and getting binary version, or building from source via GitHub?

Your Engine folder should look like this:

Are you able to run Editor from Launcher?

And in 4.3, does your Engine folder look similar to mine? Which folders are missing?

And inside Engine folder?

yes im able to run editor from launcher and i installed program from within launcher,

Those 3 folders are all i have

engine,samples, and templates

well there that stuff is but what about animation toolkit

I found it thank you for all help

yea it was in extras folder

Happy to help! Just to make sure I’m not losing my mind, it was in Extras folder, right?

Excellent. Thanks!