Why doesn't two finger right click drag on my trackpad?

i know - i should be using a mouse regardless, and typically i do, but noticed last night on my brand new macbook pro 15 inch core i7 that when i use trackpad, two fingers to right click in a blueprint or material editor, menu comes up like its supposed to, but when i use two fingers and click and drag, hand icon doesnt come up and i have no way to move around editor, it just shows selection box

Hey trippedout,

I tested this and had no trouble with double-click dragging. To move graph around, you need to click with two fingers and drag with two fingers. It sounds like you’re clicking with one finger and moving a second finger around trackpad, which will create a marquee selection box. Try click-dragging with both fingers and see if that works.

If not, please let us know your system specs and OS version, and we’ll see if there’s another problem.