Why doesn't the main editor window reflect what happens when you play in VR?

When I press “play in VR”, first of all, the main editor window minimizing is extremely annoying and counter productive.

I can see the VR in my headset, I don’t need to see it on my monitor as well!

Second, when I do go back to the main editor window, nothing has updated. Everything is frozen. I don’t see what is happening in my game world at all. Why is that?

If I click on a blueprint, I do see what is happening with the animated lines…

I’m still baffled that people apparently think this is normal in Unreal. Someone suggested I print debug to the console instead of just look at the editor, which feels very backwards.

(EDIT: Also, the fact that nobody else is commenting on this or requesting this or even hopefully pointing out how wrong I am feels a bit like the Twilight Zone…)

Hi Roberteker, you can disable the editor minimizing in Editor Preferences like so:

We did a livestream recently on How to debug your game, and I mention how you can construct Print String Macros to not only print on screen, but also write to a 3dWidget. VRExpansionPlugin has a class that allows you to have the Console as an Actor in the game world, quite useful!

Thank you, that helped because now I can see the blueprint execution in the background finally, which is very helpful!

Also, there’s apparently something called the “visual logger” which lets you record what happens when you press play, but you need to set up everything you want to record:

It’s not a perfect solution, but it works at a basic level, and being able to scrub back and forth is quite nice.

I discovered the Visual Logger not long before I did the aforementioned stream, it’s a great tool!