Why doesn't the image change?

What is it your are trying to do exactly? Making a bind in a UI to change the color of your cockpit?

Did you remember to add the binding to the button?

ok so you have different cockpit images you want to change between? And not set the color of the Image itself?

The image doesn’t change and everything looks fine. I tried looking online and this technique doesn’t seem to work for me. Help would be greatly appreciated.

I added the binding. What I want to do is change the cockpit depending on your level and color. Thanks!


If you want to change between different cockpit images here is one method that seems to work.

  1. add all the images into the widget and set them to be hidden, create a main cockpit image the is the one you will display
  2. Reference your player on event begin play in the Ui and make an array of images and input all the cockpit images you want with “make array”.
  3. Create a binding for the brush AND color.

here are some screen shots to help you understand.

Hope this helps, if you run into any problems let me know.
Have a nice weekend