Why doesn't setting Braking deceleration 0 do anything?

I can’t get my character to slide on the ground. I have a dive attack and in the blueprint, I set braking deceleration to 0 and braking deceleration walking to 0 and my character still stops based off the base numbers and not the new ones. I also tried 1 and 1, and all sorts of numbers and they had zero affect on his braking.

I tested launching with a Z of 1,000 and he does indeed go flying in the correct direction with the correct velocity, but if Z is less than 200 he just stops extremely fast.

Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong? Is there some kind of prerequisite to be able to modify character movement braking speed? Or is it just a bug in Unreal Engine 5 and everyone else has this problem too? Does this work in UE4?

You also have to set friction to 0:

  1. Make a PhysicsVolume Actor and surround your level in it.
  2. Set friction to 0.
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