why doesn't SetShowMouseCursor work when in GameAndUIMode/UIMode

Can you elaborate a little more? What exaclty is not working?

I have a menu that for the most part requires the mouse… but at a certain menu i want to just wait for a key to be pressed and the mouse screws things up

In UI Only mode the cursor may be defined by the widget, not the player controller. You can disable the cursor in the widget’s detail panel by setting Cursor to None:


No it doesn’t stop clicking because the cursor is still there, just hidden. If you want to get it out of the way completely, you can just move it to (0, 0) or (1920, 1080), with something like SetMouseLocationOnViewport I believe.

Well it’s kinda hacky, but you can check in each tick if HasKeyboardFocus your widget, if not, SetKeyboardFocus :smiley:

Just tried it… makes the cursor invisible after a click is made… but doesnt stop it from clicking at all

I just wanna make the mouse disappear when input mode is GameAndUI or UIOnly… instantly disappear… and not be able to click anything

nice nice i dig it… .but how do i keep focus on a widget who’s input i desperately need heard… even when the player is mindless accidentally clicking over in the corner without realizing it… thank you for the help btw

yes I found a similar solution involving making a huge invisible background button that when clicked on sets keyboard focus… thanks!