Why doesn't sequencer play more than 60 seconds when played in preview?


I have this problem that bugs me all day, when I preview my project which plays level sequencer, it seems won’t move beyond 60 seconds (1800 frames). It’s just stucked there.

However, if I reduce a last shot only until 1800th frame, it works fine, back to my character’s camera just like I intended. Beyond that, it doesn’t move anywhere as if the computer was hanging.

I’ve looked in every settings I could see, but don’t find any control to set the time frame.
The start and end frame (that green and red vertical line) are already bigger than 60 seconds range.

Set Playback Range on level blueprint doesn’t help either. Although I set New End Time to 80 or bigger than that, it still stop at 60.

Any help would be appreciated.