Why doesn't it work ?

I have a blueprint with a mesh which i spawn whenever i hit a button (hitbox on hud)
Then I have a gate that leads to the rest of the nodes that makes the object to follow the cursor’ location, but I want to close the gate by pressing Left mouse button.
I tried left mouse button (the button itself) or making an input with the left mouse button or even other keys and nothing works.

why can’t I close the gate with an input ? (pressing a key or any button)

showing a screenshot of that blueprint probably would help us. Well at least it cannot do any wrong I guess…

also is that gate in the player controller or player pawn blueprint? if it is not then the mouse input is not received by default, you have to enable “auto receive input” in the blueprint “defaults” tab.

Without seeing your blueprint it’s hard to know, but you may just need to set your blueprint actor to automatically receive input from your player

That was the problem, thanks for the help !