Why doesn't GetLocation show up in BP?

In 4.5 I can only get the Get Actor Location or Get Actor Transform to show up if I turn off context sensitive (when in GameState eventgraph for instance). It seems they should be easier to access. Set Actor Location shows up all the time, why doesn’t get?

the context list is always incomplete, “Library” has everything :slight_smile:

Hi tomofnz,

Thank you for the feedback. I was able to reproduce this issue in 4.5 and our latest internal build. I created TTP# 349575 and our developers will be looking into it.



Hi tomofnz,

It looks like this has been resolved with the Blueprint menu refactor that is coming in 4.6. Just wanted to let you know that a fix is on its way! (we refactored the entire Blueprint menu system to address issues like this one).

Thanks! -