Why doesn't folders "exist" in the project?

I mean, when you make a folder in the Unreal editor and its empty, it’s not “there” when you look for the folder in “Show in Explorer”? It’s kinda confusing and as I use Blender it doesn’t appear for me when I want to export it directly to that folder when it’s empty.

And when you delete something, you often have to go to the explorer window to remove it completely and then “Fix up redirectors in folder” from the editor…



It’s just a bug with created-deleted folders from inside the Editor. I suggest hoping they fix it, but it’s not something that can impact development, so i doubt it will happen soon :frowning:

It does slow down development on my part, it’s frustrating at times.
I hope it will get fixed eventually, just thought I’d shed some light on this and it may get some more attention

Epic? Will this be fixed?

Bump comment. Moving to Bug Reports.

Yeah this bothers me too. It is very frustratibg that there is not a 1:1 mapping of folders and files. I’m always having to go into explorer to clean up.

Empty folders dont show up. Actually folder never who up. Files have paths to it. and you only see those paths. If a folde ris empty, there no file that has a path including that folder. so no it is never created in your folder viewer.

Your folder needs to have something inside. Eg. Create a new blank material, then save your project - folder will be created - then remove the material - folder will remain as it is.

Alternatively you can simply create a folder in Windows - UE will think of it as a one created within the engine (you might have to restart UE for that to take effect).

Who made your answer the solution?.. lol

I’m just shocked that it haven’t been fixed. It really bothers me that it turns invisible and so on because it’s empty.

Epic, please fix.