Why doesn't a dedicated server have the right socket location / rotation values?

Hello, i noticed that when i try to get the location and rotation of a socket server side it gives wrong values when it’s being run on a dedicated server. I suppose that’s an optimization since it doesn’t have a visual part, but is there a way to get the right values without having the client to send them? Thank you.

I’ve solved this issue by setting “Mesh Component Update Flag” to “Always Tick Pose and Refresh Bones”.

thank god for google and your solution. this might well have been a headache for me. thankyou

Glad i could help :slight_smile:

I was having this issue with a weapon class, i had set this setting on the weapons mesh and was still having the issue. My weapon was attached to my characters mesh and once i set the setting on the characters mesh everything worked fine. Yet another gotcha for unreal engine to look out for…

Thank you!

@xlar8or Thank you for your solution !!!

You are welcome :slight_smile: