Why doesn’t a project retain its state from when it was saved and closed down?

Sorry if this is really basic but it seems really odd that when I ‘save all’, then close and reopen a project, it doesn’t default back to how the project was left when it was saved and closed. You still have to find the map, open the map, open the sequencer etc, rather than just open the project and have the map already open with the sequencer open as it was before?

Am I doing something wrong?

You can make a certain map the default map:

As far as re-opening the sequence goes, I guess you would have to save that as a config view:

Thanks a lot for that. So it’s normal that when you open a project it generally doesn’t default to how you left it on save before? I thought this would be important for most people without having to change preferences of default map for every project?

It’s normal :wink:

I don’t know if it’s different in 5…

Thanks :pray:

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