Why does Unreal Engine take the large space in HDD

I tried to change the product version, but each time, the size allocated to the HDD disk becomes too large to download until the end.

During the download process, a “lack of capacity” pops up and i can’t download. How can i download UE4?

My HDD file system is NTFS and available size 198 GB.

What do you mean? What is it these days? 30GB? That’s not a lot at all… You could skip content examples, that should shave off some of the bulk?

You mean the 200GB? You see this during download?

edit: if you go to the Properties of that drive, does it read FAT32 or NTFS?

If UE4 is just 30GB, i can download because it’s not big.

The disk allocated size of the folder where UE4 is downloaded is allocated larger than the actual file size.

So, during the download process, a “lack of capacity” pops up because of disk allocated size and i can’t download it.

plus : my drive reads NTFS

Not sure what could cause this then for an NTFS drive :expressionless:

ok T…T thanks you