why does UE4's sub-menus have a delay?

i feel like the fastest way to navigate sub-menus, in particular, is to click… i’d prefer to just highlight menus without having to at all.

as a good example of the behavior, please navigate (with as few clicks as possible) to: Edit > and alternate between Editor Preferences and the Project Settings sub-menu contents. as far as i can tell this is a universal menu navigation behavior, within UE4.

and so i ask, “why does UE4’s sub-menus have a delay?”

now, the engine is absolutely fantastic, which is why i might assume this global behavior was implemented in this way for good reason. i don’t understand the benefit. i think enjoyable menus is key to comfortable software for the user.

would there be any way i could get options to adjust menu delays?


Hey knpc-

I’m not sure I understand what you mean by delay? My understanding is that with the Editor Preferences window open, you are referring to having the category options appear on the right side when mousing over the category name on the left rather than having to click the category name? Or are you referring to a delay between when you click the name and when the options appear?