Why does UE4Editor keep closing?

I am running on Linux. UE4Editor takes quite a long time to run. After I create a project, UE4Editor closes and I have to run it all over again.


Also, when I run UE4Editor again and try to open a project I just created, I get a dialog saying “The following modules are missing or built with a different engine version…Would you like to rebuild them now?”. If I click “yes”, Ue4Editor closes and the build starts in the console where I started UE4Editor. UE4Editor then restarts itself.

I am so confused as to how everything is supposed to work. Normally an IDE builds a binary and you run the binary, but here UE4Editor keeps closing and when you build there is no binary to run!

I know from documentation that there are different build types, but how do I build something I can give to a player? A stand-alone binary to run?

Please try to create separate questions (threads in UE4 AnswerHub) for different issues. It will be easier to help you and also to keep track of all your problems. If I understand you correctly the first issue is with UE4Editor which closes automatically after project creation, second issue with missing modules after reopening already created project and third one with building stand-alone binary which you can give to a player?

The last question is pretty straight forward, it’s called project packaging in UE4. You can read about it here: Packaging Projects | Unreal Engine Documentation