Why does UE4 use uint32 to represent a bool?

Why does UE4 use uint32 to represent a bool? What’s the advantage of using uint32 vs bool?

i think you’ll find they use bitfields alot and the uint32 is used in the bitfield to ensure alignment boundries. it helps make the memory faster to access because its aligned.

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You should not add unreal code (this is engine code and not your sample code) to a public forum, you might violate the license agreement.

Now to the questio ^^. Using a bit field saves you a lot of runtime memory, the same can be achieved using a union like:

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and network bandwidth.

It doesn’t, it just affects how they’re stored. How you pack them in your bit stream is unrelated, you could pack a boolean (8-bit) as 1-bit on the network stream.

Ah thats nice :smiley: Good to know when posting samples :smiley: