Why does UE4 not cooperate well with FX series CPU architecture???!!??

I happen to own many different types of AMD CPU’s.

A short list of what I have tested would include:

-Sempron 145
-A6 5400K APU

Not a single FX series chip operates well, infact, the better my AMD chip gets the worse UDK4 operates, and it is NOT my temperatures. Here are some details as to what is happening with UDK with each of these chips in my computer, I tested all these chips in a separate computer and received the same exact results:

*The map I’m happening to load when referred to below is the sci-fi Hallway available in the marketplace

-FX-9590 - Entirely freezes my computer after running for about 10 minutes or light intensive use, whenever I load a detailed map freezes at 50-56%
-FX-8350 - Entirely freezes my computer after about 25 minutes of use. Freezes at 50-56%% when loading maps.
-FX-4100 - Wont Freeze computer, pauses at 50-56% when loading maps for a YEAR, then eventually loads map
-A6 5400K - Wont freeze computer at all, infact I accidentally left my computer on all night with udk 4 and it ran fine in the morning.
-Sempron 145 - I don’t even see shaders loading at the start of a new project or when loading some meshes, I mean, WTF?

I don’t know what to say. I would provide a dxdiag, but that would be pointless, (and all my pc’s are lying in pieces, AGAIN) I know for a fact the computers work great accept for when I’m in UDK, and that the FX series architecture is not well supported by UDK4. I don’t know why this isn’t well know by this point, but I hope this provides some good information, please someone tell me if I’m an idiot and Im crazy, I don’t really care if I’m called an idiot this point, I just want to be able to use the packs I bought from the store when on my A6 5400, oh what I fool i was to buy them before I tried UDK 4 on my 9590.

I think it’s also worth mentioning these problems were all generally decreased across the board when running 4.6.1

Thanks in advance for any useful info

I don’t know about the FX processors, but the Sempron 145 is a single core CPU and the recommended specs for the editor are a quad-core CPU, so it is significantly outside of the expected range of scalability.

From the FAQ:

Michael Noland

So why is it running UDK 4 at all? Thanks

I only know hardware well I know nothing of software

The editor largely runs on top of the same code as the runtime, which is designed to be more scalable. Specifically, when either told to (e.g., in a dedicated server where you want to run many instances) or when there are not enough cores, it runs in a largely single-threaded mode, but the editor is not ‘happy’ about this and things like asynchronous shader compiling that only occur in the editor / are designed for multi-threaded environments are unlikely to work very well. A single core machine is not part of our testing matrix for the editor either AFAIK.

Michael Noland

Just looked up the FX-9590, and it sounds plenty powerful, so I’m not sure why you are seeing issues with it. Things like the machine freezing are typically hardware or driver issues though, to be honest. Do you see similar freezing issues if you leave a GPU benchmarking test running for a while? It’s worth making sure you are on the latest drivers for your GPU and chipset as well. If you are still running into issues after checking that, I’d recommend opening an AnswerHub request with the dxdiag info, etc…

Michael Noland

I see, so on a single core CPU i shouldn’t expect to see shaders at all, this makes a lot more sense thanks.

This is unfortunate about the FX series processors though, both my machines happen to be on the same type of motherboard, Im going to build a completely new PC and see if I no longer see the errors, do you know of any restrictions, or parameters a motherboard might have that could be inhibiting my performance somehow? I’ll provide some dxdiag info after I rebuild one of my machines, but specifically I have some Asus M5A99FX Pro R2.0’s. Thanks

I appreciate it, and yes I have tested the machines thoroughly, swapped tons of hardware, etc, the only thing that reduces the issue completely is removing the FX series chip out of the equation. I have made sure that all my drivers are up to date as well. I think i’ll take your advice and go to the answerhub!

Thanks again, sorry for not posting their originally :slight_smile: Im noobz

I’m not sure that I would expect to not see shaders at all, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it just blocked until all shaders were recompiled, rather than popping the ‘recompiling shaders’ notification in the corner.

I don’t know of anything RE: motherboard / etc… that would be likely to play much of a role. If the software is running slow then it’s quite possibly the software at fault, but if the entire machine locks up then it is at least somewhat unlikely to be user-mode software at fault.

Michael Noland

There’s a few people around here who have FX series CPUs and they always say they have no problems in UE4.

I’m running a FX-6200 and i don’t had any problems yet.

My fx-9590 has zero issues running ue4.

The fact that your loading keeps freezing at a specific percentage range leads me to believe this is a memory issue. You either don’t have enough or you have a bad stick.

That being said, my laptop loads ue4 maps slowly and the task manager even says it has stopped responding sometimes, but it does eventually load. FYI it has an i7 and 16gb of ram.

It could also be a slow HDD or bad sectors on your HDD that is messing things up.

Try eliminating these other factors and see where that leads you.

Sorry to comment on yr old thread, but looing into upgrading from my Athlon X4 3.2ghz cpu to either amd or i3 something, I was fascinating seeing i7, a lot of ram and still had slow map loading ?

Is this a huge map with a lot of objects etc. ?

My map takes a bit of time, gtx 950 2gb oc ( not oc’ing atm prob. won’t) and 240 pnyssd ( hardly the fastest , but I’m on sata 3gb atm ,sadly! ) , but the 5101x5101 terrain with a ton of edits with a lot of complexity and a several geometries ( simple), mine loads reasonably fast, all things considered!

Great post, ty so much look fwd to hearing your specs and terrain complexity.