Why does UE4 cost 26$ if you live in Europe?

Hi! I noticed a thing I do not particularly like with your otherwise fantastic business model -you seem to hate us Europeans, right? of course 7$ isn’t a lot of money, but it still doesn’t feel great to be billed that much more for just not having born in the US. Of course this false 1$ = 1€ translation is happening in many other products, but they are basically always physical, and you can somewhat argue that shipping was expensive, where in digital products the only conclusion is, that you were feeling patriotic and decided to make us pay more…? Or could there be some taxational mess, I would like an explantaion.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

If I had to guess, I’m going to say VAT.

No country in EU has VAT over 30%, so try to guess again.

Prolly because companies are taxed to hell and back just to do business in the EU.

If they’re charging 19 euros over there, then there’s your answer ($25.39 is the conversion at the moment). I guess the more concise question would be: Why not lower the euro price to be more in line with the dollar price?

I pay in EUR as well (Sweden) but it’s converted to SEK when my card is debited. Looking at the last transaction, the 19 EUR withdrawal was converted to 132 SEK on my account.

Now, if I were to walk into a bank and buy $19 to send over to Epic in a small, unmarked envelope, I would actually have to pay 137 SEK for that. So this particular month, a european UE4 subscription (or, technically Scandinavian) is in fact slightly cheaper than a US subscription.


You need to understand that when some product is available in USA they don’t speak about the TVA. Each states can increase the price of the product, so they said for example for the PS4 “Available for 400$” but this is false and the majority of the people paid more than 400$ because they don’t have the choose.
In Europe, when you see"The PS4 is available for 400$ you will paid only 400$, nothing more.

You won’t paid more if you live in Paris or Angouleme.

Well, I’m in Poland and I’m paying the standard 19 $ , and Poland is definitely in Europe. So I suppose it’s not Europe-wide.

I’m also in Europe, but like Cube2222 I only pay $19

well, it may be cheaper in Sweden, but in rest of the europe (that being all countries using the euro), it is much more expensive.

It is not definitely not our intent to overcharge anyone based on region and/or currency. As others have pointed out the complexities surrounding VAT are well, complex(!), and our translation to 19 euros inclusive VAT does not always match $19 USD depending on region or current currency exchange rates. We’re looking into better ways to adapt to this so that developers are always presented with fair pricing regardless of market conditions, but due to the complexities it takes much more effort and time to roll out a more flexible system.

This could explain in part.

Blame the tax man

Is it just me or is taxes on gaming in general going through the roof?

Is it possible to pay the UE4 subscription in $ , not in € ?

In Romania, 19€ = 25,65$ so paying in euros is more expensive.

I think hn you use credit card it’s using $ and you us european PayPal account you use euro, if credit card us euro i guess it depends on which credit card you have

It’s Taxes on Taxes. Don’t question why they feel the need to do it as a government.

Another reason I’m happy the UK keeps the £ :stuck_out_tongue:

This. You are looking at the US price without sales tax (which varies from state to state), whilst the European price DOES have sales tax (i.e. VAT) on it.