Why Does UE4 Constantly Try Pinging an HTTP Address?

Hey, couldn’t find a good section to post this, but I’m mildly curious as to why, when my internet isn’t connected, Unreal shows that it’s trying to ping this address very frequently? Do they routinely do data collection this way, or is this something else obvious I’m missing?

I’m a bit prudish about anything using my data (metered connection) and I just don’t see why this is necessary in a program like UE4 anyway. What gives?

Just turn off data gathering in editor settings/privacy. You may have to restart editor to take effect, but they should go away.

Try install a firewall, and block everything except few tools obviously require net use, eg web browser.

Thanks, all done!

^ This ^… However if you use the Launcher it will still send telemetry and phone home, although this may help.

Epic advised that you can also disable all of the Analytics DLLs, simply by renaming each of them to a non dll.
Its best to still opt for less telemetry anyway by typing Usage into Project / Editor Settings and turning those off.