Why does TryGetPawnOwner fail in my animation events graph?

I am trying to setup the animations for a pawn in UE4. I have created an Animation Blueprint where I’m trying to set booleans for IsRunning, IsJumping, etc. This starts with getting the Pawn Owner of the animation, however this function call keeps failing for me. I have set in the pawn’s blueprint to use this animation blueprint, and the animation event is getting triggered, so I am not sure why I cannot get the pawn owner of the animation.

The start of my event graph looks like this: http://blueprintue.com/view/Zwny-2NG/

Anyone know what I might be doing wrong?

when you say that you set it in the pawn bp what do you mean? I would think that if it’s getting called it should be set correctly but I just want to double check.

Also, when you say it’s failing what do you mean? IsValid is false?

When you set the anim bp in the pawn make sure you set it on the skel mesh component. I don’t think there is any other place to do it but i’m not sure.

Also, make sure the skeleton for the pawn is the same as the skeleton for the anim bp. that’s important.

Hi, you probably just need to cast it , here is a screenshot of the AnimationBP of the “Platformer Game” example. Good luck!

Thanks for the responses everyone! Turns out I had set the wrong mesh set to the skeleton I wanted to animate. For this function to find the pawn it looks like you need to make sure you have the skeleton set to a mesh parented to the pawn, not some other mesh you add in blueprint of the character.